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Caribbean Yacht Charters, why so good?

Hi there,

In our first blog post, we wanted to highlight some of the majesty of the Caribbean and show why chartering a yacht here can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life!

Caribbean Yacht Charters. Paradise can be found in the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, which makes it the perfect destination for yachting. The lush, green canopies of the many various islands stand in stark contrast to the deep blue hues of the ocean waters, making island hopping a constant adventure.

We can work with your budget to find you a selection of great charter options. This is your unique vacation and it is our goal to ensure that it is tailored just for you, which means you choose the islands you wish to explore, you decide the pace, and you choose the type of Caribbean yacht charter that suits your needs. Start thinking about what things you’d like to see and do! We’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime!

Where to go?

Typically you’ll choose between the Virgins, Leewards, and the Grenadines to charter your yacht. Beyond the region, it is your Caribbean to explore. It’s important for you to remember that there is no cruise ship itinerary to worry about! Your itinerary will be designed specifically for you, with you, and is felexible to changes during your charter. We have put together some samples for you to get an idea of what you might like to do while on vacation in the Caribbean.

Very popular in the Caribbean are catamarans, especially in the BVIs. Catamarans offer ample deck space that allows everyone to relax together during their charter, sharing the same views throughout the voyage. Caribbean based catamarans can typically accommodate between 6 and 12 guests.

Look forward to seeing you onboard!

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